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Unlucky Jewellery Mystery Pick Necklace £12

Unlucky Jewellery Mystery Pick Necklace £12

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Mystery Pick is here! Get your hands on one of our bestselling necklaces for only £12!

You will see Option 1 which you can either KEEP or TWIST to Option 2 - but then option 2 is final.

Necklaces in the collection are all a greater value than £14, with an average price of £25 and highest value £36.

Includes bestsellers and even our newest collections. Photos show just some of whats available. Full list below.

Select Silver or Gold. Your order will come in an Logo FairTrade Cotton pouch.

Picks include:

Straight To The Heart (Silver and Gold) £26

Star-Crossed Lovers Necklace (Pink, Blue, Black, Clear- all in Gold only) £36

Through The Looking Glass Necklace (Silver only) £34

Betrayal Necklace (Gold only) £24

Heavy Heart (Silver and Gold) £14

Inception Chain (Silver only) £18

Garden of Eden (Silver and Gold) £20

Hold Me (Silver only) £18

Jack, Ill Never Let Go, Rose (Silver and Gold) £24

Chrysalis Gem Butterfly (Silver and Gold) £22

A Summer Romance 90s Grunge Butterfly (Gold only) £25

No returns as its a fun mystery pick!

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